Posted by Bhavini Dhutia

Top tips to get the wedding wheels in motion

If you were following the tips we sent out in our previous article 4 weeks to the wedding day you should be done with all your shopping by now, your final look finalised with your hair and makeup Artist. So what’s left for the last 3 weeks?
  • Final Dress Trial: If you have not already done it, all the trials for your wedding dress/ reception outfit/ cocktail party dress should be done now. Schedule all of your outfit fittings and bring the accessories that you plan to wear from head to toe. It will give you a better idea of your overall look and also allow time to make any necessary modifications.
  • Beautiful You: Keep your skin glowing by continuing the facials, body massages and body wraps at your salon and remember no new treatments or cosmetics at this stage. Stick to tried-and-tested products or services.
  • Digital Seating Charts make your life easy: You might be dreading finishing the task of who will sit where but it's a necessary evil. To make your life easier, consider using a digital seating chart tool like or, which helps you manage everything electronically. Make your RSVP date about three weeks before the wedding date so that you have enough time to determine the final headcount and round up any stragglers.
  • Quality ME time or a fun date with your girlfriends: The month before the wedding is packed with appointments and obligations. Even if your planning has been smooth sailing up until this point, odds are that you could use a break. Book a massage and unwind or plan a date with your girlfriends — and no, I don't mean an evening spent browsing wedding ideas.
  • Is your timeline ready? We mentioned in our previous post the importance of delegating with a wedding day timeline. If you have not already done that now is the time to get cracking on it. One little glitch can create utter chaos and throw everything off. Determine timing and logistics and have an excel sheet ready with timings for the day and important phone numbers.  Include some padding in case mishaps do occur. (Watch out for free wedding day timeline template we will sharing with our readers in our next newsletter)
  •  Repeat after us: Everything will turn out great: A lot of brides we've interviewed have said that the last month leading up to the wedding is the hardest, and from my personal experience, I've found that to be true. When things get stressful and hectic, I repeat the following positive affirmations and pray that all of the hard work, planning and sacrifices will have been worth it. So repeat after us “EVERYTHING WILL TURN OUT GREAT”.

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Coming up next week: 2 weeks to the wedding day - top tips for our beautiful brides.
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